Children’s Fund

Children are our business! We are here to teach, enrich, and protect our students so they can grow into knowledgeable, productive citizens as adults. There are many facets in a child’s education—health and well-being are two of the foundations a child needs to be ready to learn. Through your generous donations, the Children’s Fund is often able to make a small contribution to the health and well-being of children. Feeding a hungry child, assisting with a purchase of glasses or medication, or buying shoes that fit or a warm winter coat can truly make a difference in a child’s readiness to learn. The Educational Foundation was able to fulfill requests totaling $13,476 to support students needs in the 21-22 school year.

Fortunately, our Children’s Fund is an example of a simple, grassroots program that works for children and their families. It features rapid responses with almost no bureaucracy. It is easily accessible through school social workers and is an excellent example of supporting children in times of crisis. While the majority of the time funds are used to assist families with food and clothing, the Children’s Fund also makes it possible for students to participate in after-school enrichment club, music lessons, and recreation programs, such as playing on a soccer or basketball team.

Special thanks go to those who are contributing members to the Children’s Fund. You make this program work. Be assured you are truly making a difference. Helping children and families does make an impact on what goes on in the classroom, our schools, and our neighborhood.