ROSE Awards

The Educational Foundation is pleased to recognize district employees, volunteers, and community members who show tireless dedication and commitment to supporting the children and families of the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District.

We welcome nominations from staff and the community. Recipients are recognized at board meetings with an announcement, presentation of a plaque, and a rose.

If you know someone who deserves a ROSE award, please fill out an application here:  ROSE Application.


Recognition for Outstanding Service to Education

ROSE Award recipients should demonstrate exceptional qualities:

  • Contribution to the educational community
  • Impact on children
  • Leadership
  • Volunteerism
  • Community service

Recent ROSE Award Recipients

Lorena Malloian
Mrs. Malloian may never realize what a difference she has made for thousands of children in the Sweetwater Springs Elementary community.

Dawn Heller
Dawn has been an unwavering supporter of staff and students at Sweetwater Springs Elementary.

Robert Ross
Mr. Ross has been a volunteer in our district since 2006.  He has shown outstanding service thought that time.  He has designed and implemented a music appreciate program which has greatly benefited all of our students.  Nominated by Steve Conklin and Melissa Medina.

Severo Barreras
Mr. Barreras is the lead custodian at Rolando Elementary. He goes above and beyond all the time for the benefit of our campus.

Elaine Ley
Mrs. Ley is the Lead Child Nutrition at Murdock.  She treats every child with respect and dignity.  If a child is hungry she makes sure they get food.  If we are struggling with a child’s behavior she will help figure out what the student needs to eat to help with lower sugar or high protein.  She is consistently calm and always has a smile on her face.

Percy Tolliver
Mr.Tolliver is a Vietnam War Veteran and former ranch business owner who uses his past experience to help students at Kempton Literacy Academy.

Dave and Andrea Hardenburger
Dave and Andea are both long time volunteers at Murray Manor Elementary.

John Hengesbaugh
Mr. John is a young adult with learning disabilities who volunteers at Northmont 3 days a week.

Anne-Lise Slocum
Mrs. Slocum is recognized for her dedication to the students, stuff and parents of LMAAC. We are grateful for the contributions made by the following exceptional individuals.