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Grant Information

The LMSV Educational Foundation  supports teaching and learning in the LMSVSD with  professional development opportunities and grants for innovative classroom projects. Since 1983, the Foundation has awarded more than $??? to teachers and education support professionals.

The Foundation has made the difference for many students, teachers and staff.  We provide a three tier grant opportunity:


Projects involve identifying an area of focus, forming a question, developing and implementing a project plan. The benefits of working with Social Publishers Foundation are:

The benefits of working with SPF are:

  • They have members who are professional researchers that will work with our staff from the proposal stage to the publishing stage.
  • The proposal application and publishing process are all online.

There are two ways that you can carry out your projects

Please visit the site and take a look around.

This grant offers a new and innovative idea start up funds that initiate unique educational experience for students.

Projects are submitted on the Donors Choose website. Send a link of your project to  Projects funded will utilize the matching fund days to double or triple the donation.