The La Mesa Spring Valley Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District. Established in 1983, the foundation provides a formal avenue for raising funds to directly support public education in the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District.

In partnership with the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District, the Educational Foundation supports development and implementation of programs, projects, and learning opportunities which benefit La Mesa and Spring Valley students and enhance the educational experience offered in our schools.


CHILDREN’S FUND – The Children’s Fund, administered by the Foundation, is a simple program that works. It features rapid response to filling basic needs with almost no bureaucracy and is easily accessible through school counselors.

GRANTS – The Foundation’s Grant Program funds projects that help our district students. Teachers, counselors, nurses, and other district employees can apply!

CASA – A resource center that provides immediate relief for district families. This volunteer center helps with food and clothing, as well as one-time emergency assistance for district families in crisis. Located on the campus of Kempton Literacy Academy.

ROSE AWARDS – Recognizing staff, parent-volunteers, and community members for their outstanding contribution to the quality of education in our District.